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How To Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes EBook Making bamboo flutes make bamboo flutes flute making instructions
How To Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes EBook 

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his is a book about bamboo flute making. There are many different types of bamboo flutes as you can imagine. The purpose of the book is not so much to present a detailed description of how to make all the types of bamboo flutes but to show you general principles that will apply to all flutes. Once you are proficient at the methods outlined in the book you should be able to make virtually any type of bamboo flute.

However to illustrate the general principles I have covered the complete making of two of the most popular types of flutes. These are described as follows. More models will be added in time.

Side Blown Flute

This is probably the most well known type of bamboo flute. It is used by many cultures around the world. Played in the same position as the modern concert silver flute. 


The traditional Japanese style of end blown flute with only five finger holes. It is one of the most simple of all instruments with ancient origins. Tuned to a pentatonic scale, the SHAKUHACHI produces a sound that is said to reflect the spirit of nature. Described as one of the most meditative of all instruments, it is also one of the most expressive. It has been used for centuries by Zen monks as a meditative tool. In recent times its use has greatly diversified to encompass many styles of music.

Nowadays for many reasons its popularity is becoming widespread. One is its ability to produce endless variations in tone and pitch. And due to the huge increasing interest in matters relating to personal growth its use as a powerful catalyst for centring is being recognized. Playing the SHAKUHACHI with the required approach and breathing techniques can lead to a total relaxation of mind, body and soul.

Native American Flute

In recent years there has been a huge surge in popularity of the Native American Flute. Traditionally this flute has always been made from wood. But who is to say it cannot be made from bamboo also? In fact we've made very beautiful Native American Flutes from bamboo sounding equally as good if not  better than any wooden flute I've ever heard. 

Bamboo Sax

An end blown reed flute played in a similar manner to a clarinet or saxophone. It uses a standard saxophone reed and has a very dynamic sound not unlike a concert instrument. This gives everybody the opportunity to learn how to play a reed instrument without the huge expense. By becoming familiar with the Bamboo Sax the transition to a brass or woodwind instrument is a relatively simple procedure. Because of its compact size it can be carried in your pocket and is ideal for travelers. It can easily be taken to places you wouldn't dream of taking a real saxophone such as the beach or bushwalking. It also serves as a handy practice instrument for accomplished reed players on those occasions when one just wants to have fun without all the fuss of a brass sax or clarinet.

Bamboo Recorder

We'll also look at the making of simple bamboo recorder. Strictly speaking a recorder is not really a flute for reasons covered later. But many people like these instruments so I've included a section on them. Just in case you are wondering about the picture. Of course I know that it bears absolutely no resemblance at all to bamboo. As it happened at the time of writing I did not have a bamboo recorder around so I drew the picture myself.

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